People have lived in Indiana for over ten thousand years, subsisting on freshwater mussels from local streams and mining flint. Later groups planted maize and the Mississippian culture established a large settlement in modern day Evansville, Indiana called the Angel Mounds. The site contains a complex of thirteen earthen mounds and hundreds of residential buildings surrounded by a palisade. The Fort Ancient culture flourished around the same time and their descendants became the Shawnee (coming from the Algonquian word for “southerner”). The Myaamia (“the Downstream People) lived throughout North-central Indiana, southwest Michigan, and western Ohio. Most were forcibly removed from Indiana to Kansas and then removed once more from treaty lands in Oklahoma. The Maimi Tribe of Oklahoma has been federally recognized but the Miami Nation of Indians of the State of Indiana has yet to receive federal recognition despite a court ruling that the government did not have the authority to terminate their status.
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